Dr Gabrielle Dezanaulds

About Dr Gabrielle Dezarnaulds

Qualifications and training

My training and qualifications are in reproductive microsurgery and reproductive medicine. I am one of a very small number of fully qualified reproductive microsurgeons operating in Australia.

My clinical focus is entirely infertility and reproductive microsurgery.

I graduated with honours in my medical degree from the University of Sydney and and continued through specialty and sub-specialty training over more than 10 years. I am now a Royal Australian College certified subspecialist in reproductive microsurgery and infertility (a specialists’ specialist).

I am a certified subspecialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI). I have lectured at Sydney University in the masters program on reproductive health and human genetics and taught CREI (fertility specialist) trainees at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney. I am a visiting medical officer at Strathfield Private Hospital and Genea.

I am well equipped to provide you with advice and the surgical expertise to help you make the best decision and obtain the optimal outcome from the reversal of your vasectomy.

Expertise and experience matter

Highly qualified

  • Honours Degree in Medicine and Surgery (USyd)
  • Masters Degree in Reproductive Health and Human Genetics (USyd)
  • Certified sub-specialist in fertility microsurgery

Personal Specialist Care

  • Qualified Specialist
  • Your procedure is performed by Dr Dezarnaulds from start to finish