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Details about Vasectomy Reversal

Considerations and queries about vasectomy reversal

On this page I will address some of the common questions, considerations and issues that arise in relation to reversing vasectomy. 

Common issues

The most common question are about success rates, cost and recovery. These questions are each addressed on their own pages.  Below are brief answers to other common questions. 

Pre-operative tests

In the majority of men no pre-operative tests are undertaken (as per The American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s  guidelines).

Fasting prior to surgery

You will be advised about fasting prior to surgery.  Generally it is simply nothing to eat or drink from after dinner the night prior to surgery. 

How soon after surgery can you resume sex

Avoid sexual intercourse for four weeks after surgery. 

Trying to achieve pregnancy

I advise waiting three months after surgery prior to trying to conceive.  Generally it takes this long for a reasonable sperm number to be passing.  

Medical certificate for your employer

On the day of surgery you will be given a certificate for 1 week off work. Should you need more time or a certificate for light duties for longer (if you have a physical job) please request from my team.

Frequent questions

Yes.  A referral from your general practitioner is necessary in order to obtain a Medicare rebate or health insurance rebate.
You do not need a referral prior to your initial (no charge) phone consultation with Dr Dezarnaulds.

If you choose ‘day stay’ (all Genea patients and an option at Strathfield Private Hospital) you will remain in recovery for approximately 3 hours after surgery and then be discharged.  If you choose overnight stay (Strathfield Private Hospital) you will be discharged the morning after surgery.  For most men who travel from interstate or live more than one hour drive away it makes sense to stay overnight.  

Complications can occur with any surgery.  They are rare with vasectomy reversal.Potential complications include haematoma (a collection of blood in the scrotum), infection, unusual scar tissue and post operative pain.
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The cost mainly depends on whether you have medicare and private health insurance (and your policy excess).

For those with medicare and private health insurance the out of pocket expense for vasectomy reversal is as low as $4,400. If you do not hold health insurance but have medicare the out of pocket expense is approximately $8,200. A booking payment is due 4 weeks prior to your surgery.

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Yes.  Your rebate will depend entirely on the exact details of your health insurance policy.  You are advised to check with your health fund before surgery.

Payment for surgery is required prior to admission to hospital and can be by electronic funds transfer, bank cheque or credit Card.

The results of vasectomy reversal procedures are impressive with the restoration of fertility in the majority of men and successful pregnancy in most couples when the female partners age is less than 35 years. The results decrease slowly with time from vasectomy and fairly quickly when female age is greater than 40 years.
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